Two Awesome Healthy Vegan Breakfast Smoothies for Effective Weight Loss

What is the best breakfast for losing weight? This question is often asked by people who want to lose weight quickly and yet wants to fulfill their stomach effectively.

We have different options that are suitable alternatives to the best weight loss breakfast. I have covered such options in my earlier posts which could be helpful to you.

Breakfast is the most important meal in our diet plan by which we begin our day. We must think of something healthy, filling, and nutritious for breakfast.

Peanut butter chocolate smoothie and Groundnut smoothie are the options that fit our requirements.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

Healthiest Vegan Breakfast For Weight Loss

The Vegan diet is becoming a necessity now. People are opting for food that is strictly vegan due to its various benefits. These vegan diets are highly effective and nutrient-rich when followed appropriately.

Our Peanut butter chocolate smoothie and Groundnut smoothie are the most suitable drink form of vegan drink because,

  • This is dairy-free and pure vegan.
  • It has no milk, no curd, and no yogurt.
  • It is fulfilling and nutrient-rich.
  • It helps to keep the stomach packed for a longer time and assists well in weight loss.
  • It is healthy food for weight management.
  • It is made from all the easily available ingredients.

Procedure :

  • Add 1 cup of water into a blending jar. Add 1 tablespoon(TBSP) of Peanut butter into it.

[ In place of 1 cup of plain water, We can choose to add 1 cup milk made up of cashew or almond or any nut of your preference.]

  • Add 1 TBSP of raw Cacao powder to it.

[Raw Cacao powder has anti-inflammatory properties.]

[Chia seeds contains omega-3 fatty acid, antioxidants, and fiber.]

  • Add one-fourth tea-spoon(TSP) Cinnamon powder.

[Cinnamon helps boost metabolism. It also gives a decent flavor to the smoothie.]

  • Add already soaked five Cashew nuts in it. You have to soak these Cashew nuts in simple water for almost 15 minutes.

[Cashew nuts are useful as an extra added healthy fats in your smoothie.]

  • Add one soft Medjool dates to increase some sweetness. You can add more than one dates to increase the sweetness.

[ If dates are not soft then soak it for some time before putting it in the blender.]

  • Add sliced pieces of one ripe Banana in it as it would be having good sweetness.

[Banana is a great source of potassium, essential vitamins, and minerals like Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Iron, folate, and B6. These are helpful for body functioning and keep us healthy.]

  • Blend all of these contents you added until now nicely at full speed in the blender. The mixture will be properly combined and uniformly distributed.

Then pour the blended peanut butter chocolate smoothie into the glass. Add one TSP of raw Cacao nibs on the top of it.

[ These raw Cacao nibs are made of crushed Cacao beans. They are very nutritious, rich in antioxidants, and helps in inflammation reduction.]

Also, healthy fats in the peanuts help in fat-soluble vitamins and minerals adsorption quickly in the body.

As we have used raw Cacao powder in the above recipe so the obvious question is — Are Cacao or Cocoa powder the same or different?

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Originally published at on July 20, 2021.



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