How to Send Awesome Outreach Emails for Link Building and Content Promotion

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Writing Effective Outreach Emails for Building Backlinks and Content Marketing

Email outreach is necessary for content marketing and building backlinks. But what is exactly email outreach?

As per ‘ ‘,

Email outreach is the process of getting in touch with other people via email.

best outreach emails which should be effective enough to convince people and land you the needed back link .

But what is the way to write effective outreach emails?

let’s see step by step.

If you find that someone is linking to your competitor for the topic on which you also have a written article. Suppose that topic is ‘weight loss diet ‘. But why do you approach that someone for linking to your post?

The obvious reason you could tell maybe,

  • Your competitor’s article is bad and your article is better so that someone should link to your article instead of your competitor.

Such an approach will definitely put your outreach email in the trash. So is there a solution for this?

First of all, we find some back-link opportunities for our post on the above topic.

A] Back links Opportunity Analysis

Let see an example in Ubersuggest ->

We type ‘ weight loss diet ‘ in the Ubersuggest dashboard and click ‘ SEARCH’.

We get a list of keyword ideas related to our topic as shown in the image below. We click the first keyword which is ‘ weight loss diet ‘.

Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas

This shows the list of top Google search result pages for the keyword and their respective backlinks as seen in the image below.

Now click on the pointing arrow in front of the 5th page in the list which is an article from ‘ ‘ in the list. This opens the article in a separate browser window.

Ubersuggest Google search results for the keyword

As seen in the image below, the article from ‘’is almost 2.5 years old written in January 2019.

B] Primary Reason to write an Outreach E-mail

Linking to old or outdated content

This is a very good reason to approach outreach link building . You have to look for the web pages giving back links to this article from ‘ ‘.

Analysis of the Google Search Result Post for Outreach Link Building

So we click on the number of links i.e. 1930 ( highlighted by yellow marker) of the 5th page in the list (post of ‘ ‘ ) of Google search results in the above image from Ubersuggest.

Now we get the list of all the backlinks of this article from ‘ ‘ as seen in the image below.

Backlinks to ‘ ‘ Article Using Ubersuggest

Note: All these procedures to find and approach the perfect outreach people for link building and content marketing are given in-depth in the earlier post written by me titled ->

As our post from ‘ ‘ is quite old ( 2.5 years), all these web pages in the above image link to this article. But now you have a freshly written article with some updated content on the topic. It means that these linking pages are giving somewhat outdated resources to their viewers.

Now, this is a very good reason to ask these pages to link your article in their post instead of the old one from ‘ ‘.

  • You can convince them about updated and fresh content on the same topic they link to another web page.
  • This will act as a good replacement for their outdated linking article.

So now you have to formulate an effective outreach e-mail to approach them.

C] Sample Outreach E-mail

Your outreach e-mail would be something like this,

Hello Mr. X,

Recently I have come across your nicely written post about ‘ Weight Loss Diet ‘. In that, you have linked to an article ‘ The Mayo Clinic Diet: A weight-loss program for life ‘ by Mayo Clinic.

The article from Mayo Clinic is very well written but it is dated to 2019, precisely it is almost 2.5 years old. So it is somewhat outdated.

I am actively involved in the field of weight loss and healthy diets as a blogger, YouTuber, and health-conscious professional from the past several years. I regularly write articles and follow others related to this.

I have just published an amazing ‘ 7-Day weight loss diet schedule ‘ on my own blog. I invite you to check it out at the following link.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

My article talks exclusively about diet plan for breakfast , meal , evening snack and dinner with proper contents , it’s benefits and recipe processes.

If you happen to find this weight loss diet article useful then you could consider linking it from your article that I mentioned above.


with best regards


This should be the way you have to write an effective, simple yet convincing outreach e-mail. It gives a personal touch and avoids that spammy look and feel.

Note: You can take the help of standardized blogger outreach email templates. Do not copy them as it is but make changes and customize them as per your needs.

The important thing to note in the above sample outreach e-mail is that we have given a very good reason to approach outreach i.e. linking to outdated content.

This also gives an important lesson:

  • Outreach should be avoided if you do not have a strong reason for outreach.
  • You should not push the recipient for linking to your article.

Also, your outreach approach should focus on the people to whom you are emailing and not on you. For example, in the above e-mail, we have humbly pointed that,

  • The E-mail recipient is linking to an article that is outdated and
  • The recipient should send his viewer to a fresher and improved content

Here in our outreach e-mail, we have avoided sentences such as ‘ It would be my pleasure if you link to my article’ or ‘ Could you please consider linking to this article?’. This kind of approach will surely be ignored and the recipient will put your e-mail into the trash.

It means you have to find a better way to make an outreach email about the recipient and not you.

Now the obvious question is, are there more outreach reasons to approach for?

Let’s take a closer look.

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