How to Find Quality Outreach Prospects for Outreach Link Building !

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No matter how good the content you write, it is of no use if it does not reach the right people. You need to reach out to the people who are interested in the topic on which your content is based. So basically you need an outreach approach to carry the blogger outreach strategy.

Link Building and Content Marketing Using Blogger Outreach

How to find hundreds of outreach prospects? This question is obviously related to building backlinks and content promotion by blogger outreach. The main objective of our outreach task is link building , it is the consequence of your outreach efforts.

In short, we are here talking about outreach link building . But what exactly means outreach link building?

Outreach link building is a broad term used for various link-building strategies consisting of contacting different people through proper email.

Now, the important part is,

- Who are the people you should reach out to?

- Who is most likely to link your content or articles?

The most simple way is,

  • Category I — Find the people who have linked to existing content on the same topic
  • Category II — People who have published content and mentioned the same topic

Practically these people should be your ideal outreach targets to generate links.

  • These people are associated with your topic and have a deep interest in the same topic
  • They have websites to get back-link from for your article

Now the simple method to find such people are,

Category I-A]: People that have linked to existing content on the same topic in Google searches

These are the people who have already linked to some other articles on the same topic so there is a possibility of them linking to your article too. But the condition is,

  • You should have a better-written article than those to which they are already linking
  • Your article should offer a unique approach that adds value to already existing content

So what is the way to find the people that have linked to the content similar to yours?

a] Google Search for Your Required Content -

You can start by doing a few searches on Google for the topic you wish to rank for with your content.

b] Check who is ranking in the top 10 of Google search results -

You will get the top 10 ranking websites for your topic on the first page of Google itself.

c] Find who is linking to those top pages -

You can check who or which websites/domains are linking to those top Google searches. In short, you have to do basic back links research to find the best outreach links.

Now there are so many paid and free keyword explorer or back-link checker tools available online that are useful.

  1. One such free yet efficient back-links checker tool is which I will be using here.
  2. You can also use Ahrefs back-links check or which is one of the best-paid tools for this.

Login to Ubersuggest and click on the ‘ Keyword Overview’ from the ‘ Keyword Analyzer’ option on the left sidebar.

Let’s assume that you want to write or have already written an article on the weight loss diet plan for a while. So we will check who ranks at the top in Google search for the keyword ‘ diet plan for weight loss’.

Type ‘ diet plan for weight loss’in the search box and select ‘ Language/Location’ from the drop-down box then click the ‘ SEARCH’ button on the same page in Ubersuggest.

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