Healthy Snack and Drink to Help You Lose Weight Effectively

Healthy snacks are necessary to properly plan and execute your and quickly. These snacks not only help in your diet plan to lose weight effectively daily meal plan program but are also good to satisfy your cravings and hunger in between meals. We will see one such efficient snack which satisfies these requirements with some additional health benefits.

The weight loss recipe as part of the weight loss diet is easy to make and healthy snack that helps,

These are natural and healthy energy bites also knows as protein balls. These protein balls have,

  • Healthy fats, Omega 3, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

When, Who and How should these proteins reach energy balls be consumed?

  • These are very good option to consume in the afternoon or post-workout .
  • These energy balls are good as a nighttime snack for people doing night shifts.
  • Students studying or working late nights.
  • One or two balls are sufficient for consumption and overindulging should be avoided.

If these are kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator they remain in good condition for months.

Procedure :

  • Heat the cast iron frying pan for few minutes. Add half a cup of raw peanuts to it. Dry roast the peanuts on medium-low flame. When the peanuts are roasted, transfer them to another plate.

Healthy fats in peanuts are released out when you dry roast them.

  • In the same pan add half a cup of cashew nuts .You have to roast them dry. Once roasted, transfer them to the plate where peanuts are kept.
  • Repeat the same with half a cup of Almonds and one-fourth cup of sesame seeds. Dry roast and put them on the same plate one by one. You can use sesame seeds in black or white type .

Sesame seeds enhance skin health and supply essential fats fats . They have one of the highest oil content. Also as sesame seeds and nuts are roasted when they are ground, they release their healthy oils so no need to add any extra oil.

Sesame seeds protect the heart, improve blood pressure. and balance hormones. Sesame seeds are also loaded with nutrients, proteins, and healthy fats.

  • Now transfer all of these contents from the plate to a food processor or Blender. After blending for a minute in the food processor the nuts and healthy ingredients are bound well.
  • Then add half a teaspoon( TSP) of one-fourth cup of 1 TSP cloves, two teaspoons of matcha tea powder. chia seeds, and cinnamon powder, and one tablespoon(TBSP) . Also, add two cups(almost 500 gms) of pitted dates ( seeds removed dates), one-fourth cup of flax seeds,, one-fourth cup of chia seeds, and 1 TSP matcha tea powder.

Matcha tea is known as green tea from Japan . It contains more antioxidants than ordinary green tea.

  • Add 1 TSP of vanilla essence and one-fourth TSP of pink Himalayan salt. Now run the food processor again for a minute consisting of all these ingredients.
  • Open the lid of the processor and transfer this mixture into a blending jar of the mixer to blend it into a fine consistency.
  • When the mixture is nicely blended into the mixer, transfer it to a plate. Then roll this mixture to the small byte-sized balls one by one.
  • After all the balls are rolled, dip the half portion of balls one by one into raw cacao powder. Then dip the remaining half portion of the balls into desiccated coconut.

Now your easy-to-make, healthy and oil-free energy balls are ready. You can consume them in the afternoon or in small bytes while doing your daily work.

What drinks are good for weight loss? This is the question asked by the majority of people looking for the healthiest drink for weight loss. Here we take a look at one of the healthiest , easy to make snack and drink useful in your weight loss diet plan.

Healthy Antioxidant Herbal Drink for Weight Loss

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Originally published at on May 31, 2021.



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