6 Best Content Promotion Strategies to Drive More Web Traffic

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Content Promotion Strategies for Blogs

Do you know that content marketing is the most effective way to increase your blog’s traffic? This article will tell you about the 6 best content promotion strategies and how to use them for driving more web traffic.

Content promotion is something that every content creator needs but it has to be done properly and effectively.

There are many strategies, tactics, or growth hacks related to content marketing that you might have heard online. So you can assume to know almost everything about this.

Then somewhere online you learn that someone is generating thousands of visits to his blog using some new tactics.

All such claims are rarely trustworthy and useful. First of all, you have to understand that there is no such magical strategy to make an average or bad content popular overnight.

  1. The content quality is always most important than anything else.
  2. Also if you have awesome content then it could get promoted by itself.

So here we will not go on the path of such unrealistic claims. But we will take a closer look at the most famous strategies of content promotion and why they are popular.

Content Promotion Tools and Tactics

Marketing strategies for the promotion of your content are always helpful if they are implemented properly.

Basically, we can group content promotional strategies into six categories.

  1. Holding out the current audience
  2. Holding out relevant groups
  3. Content regeneration and association
  4. Guest Blogging
  5. Outreaching
  6. Paid promotion

Marketing strategies for the promotion of your content are always helpful if they are implemented properly.

Basically, we can group content promotional strategies into six categories.

1. Holding out the current audience

This consists of sending periodic emails to existing subscribers of your blog and posting links of your recently published article on the Facebook group, , Pinterest , and or such social networking sites.

When you already have some decent following on such sites, it becomes necessary for you to do this.

But if you are a beginner then you might be having fewer followers on social sites and fewer subscribers to your blog. So it is not possible to get huge traffic or decent backlinks from this.

Then it is always advisable to start building your audience as early as possible.

If you put effort and time to develop your social media followers and email list, this could prove to be your effective content promotion method.

2. Holding out relevant groups

This can be done by forwarding your post to the Facebook group or LinkedIn or relevant forums like Reddit.

As a beginner when you do such things and expect nice traffic out of this. But in reality, most such groups and forums do not allow self-promotion.

You can mention your post link there once or twice but can not do it quite often or you will be banned in such groups.

So is there a solution to this?

The most practical solution is instead of joining so many such communities and spamming there with your link, you should join the only handful of relevant groups.

Then try to become an active member in such 4 or 5 groups. Then try to only post relevant information in the form of comments, discussions, or advice without posting self-promotion link links.

If you go on posting such relevant information regularly, the moderator would allow you to post some of your links in between assuming that you are providing valuable information there.

Also if you become familiar with other members in such groups they could also post your links if they find them useful.

3. Content regeneration and association

It is always better to republish the already published content with modifications and updated information. This can be in the form of Youtube videos, audio podcasts, slides ( like ), or images ( for Pinterest).

Also, you can republish your content in the updated version as a part of the SlideShare presentation.

Suppose you hardly get visitors on this republished content but you can still generate decent backlinks from such content and post the link there to your original article.

If the original content is really amazing, naturally the modified version will always be awesome to benefit you.

You should try these different formats by yourself to check what works best for you.

4. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is writing guest articles in the same niche for other websites .

This is a good and effective way to generate quality backlinks. Also, you can get decent referral traffic from this.

As a beginner, it will be quite difficult to get acceptance from other bloggers for guest posts. So you can try to answer relevant queries on sites such as Quora or any other Q & A sites related to your niche.

You can post comments on other blogs with a link to your article. But many bloggers would not like comments with links on their blogposts assumed to be spam. If really it is a genuine comment and the linking article is qualitative then it could get carried in.

Note: You can check in briefly on how to use Quora for link sharing in my earlier post about link-building strategies .

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