3 Strategies to Use Outreach Emails for Effective Content Marketing

It is always said that quality content is the most important asset of any blogger, writer or content creator. But any good piece of content is not enough to give good rewards unless it is promoted properly through various channels such as various social media and online platforms. All you need to do is proper content marketing.

Now, the obvious question is — What is exactly the content marketing?

If we go by the standard definition stated by ‘The Content Marketing Institute ‘ . It tells us that ->

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content Promotion Using Email Outreach

The objective of content marketing is promoting the content written or owned by you which could help you further in link building . This could also be done by doing a collaboration with person or people who are big influencers in the field which you need.

Email outreach is one of the most appropriate channel to carry out content marketing. Email outreach is nothing but a way of initiating communication with different people via sending emails .

Link Building and Content Promotion Using Email Outreach

The basic questions arising here are,

  1. Is there a proper way to use ‘outreach’ for promoting the content?
  2. What is the proper way to find hundreds of quality outreach prospects?
  3. How to formulate very impressive outreach emails?

1.Using ‘Outreach’ to promote your content

It is quite clear that when we talk about outreach, we think of digital marketing strategy. But you have to understand that ‘outreach’ is far from a digital marketing strategy. Then what are the core examples of the digital marketing strategy?

These are some of the popular strategies in digital marketing . We use ‘outreach’ as a tool of execution to be implemented on such strategies.

- If you think that other popular bloggers should publish your guest article then you have to reach out to them. { by outreach }

- If you need to fix broken back-links associated with your blog site, you have to contact the respective blog owners of those links. { by outreach }

- If you wish that influencers should promote your content then you have to approach them specifically or reach out to them. by outreach }

This indicates that there are so many examples where you have to implement the ‘outreach’ process. So instead of looking at all such ‘outreach’ applications,

  • We have to think from a network building and business development perspective.
  • It would be better focusing to use ‘outreach’ as an awareness and promotional tool for your content.
  • This could help to generate high-quality back-links.

The most general ‘outreach’ issues faced by bloggers are,

  1. Finding ‘outreach’ prospects
  2. Way to write an ‘outreach’ email

Most people have 3 common misinterpretations/confusion in content promotion via ‘outreach’.

A] Many people do not understand that ‘ Outreach’ itself is the content promotion method.

Suppose you email 50 people, and that email consist of a link of your written article. About 70 % of them open your email and 25 % of them click your link to read your article. 10 % of those emails back to you with their feedback. Yet none of them has tweeted or linked to it anywhere.

This could give an indication that the ‘outreach’ attempt is not successful here. Nobody would try to do it again thinking that it does not work. But is it really like this?

If you think the other way,

  • with a 70% open rate you have associated yourself with 35 people(70%) selected by you from your industry.
  • 25 % (13 people) of those have actually visited your website and read the content written by you.
  • 10 %(5 people) of those replied back means you are connected with 5 amazing people from your industry.

This can be beneficial to you in different ways.

Just because you have not received any tweets or back-links does not mean your ‘outreach’ attempt is not successful. Your emails are being opened, your links are being clicked and you are getting a reply to those.

All this clearly suggests that ‘ Outreach’ is nothing but content promotion.

Still, 13 people visiting your website is a not great deal of traffic. But you have got this by sending just 50 emails. If you send 500 or almost 5000 emails then it could convert into 130 or 1300 visits to your website. Assuming that finding email addresses of that many people will not be a problem for you.

You will definitely get tweets and back-links from many of those visits. Now, this indeed is a great benefit. But the obvious question is, Could sending 5000 emails be spam?

2. A narrow difference separating ‘Outreach’ and ‘Spam’

Sending 5000 emails in a week,15 days, or in a month could be spam.

The reason is, it is highly impossible because,

  • Finding emails and researching this many people in such a short duration is not achievable on your own
  • Then sending personalized email to the email addresses of those people by you is not practically within reach.

Now sending 5000 emails is possible when you adopt a long-term action plan. This action plan should have to be carried out for the duration of a year or two. This will give you enough time to do it correctly without looking like spam.

So Sending 5000 emails in a course of 1 to 2 years could not be spam.

We can see ‘outreach’ and spam as two ends of the same scale. The scale indicates the amount of effort put in by you to send each email which includes,

  • An auto-generated list of people that you get online
  • No manual review of this list from your side
  • Standard outreach email template obtained from the web which is non-customized

Another end of this scale consists,

  • A small list of people identified by you over a sufficient time period
  • Closely researched and analyzed from your side
  • Uniquely customized outreach email written by you to each individual

But both these ends of the scale are too much difficult to follow. As it is not advisable to send 5000 random people a very generic email template. Also, it not feasible to spend a long time researching and crafting unique outreach emails to a small group of people.

The correct approach is almost in the middle of the scale but slightly towards the ideal outreach end.

This is also variable and depends upon your topic, niche, and subject area. You have to test this with the efforts you give to send each outreach email. It would give you an indication of where you stand on this scale.

But does this mean that the quality and perfection are enough to give the desired results? Let’s see,

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