3 Effective and Healthy Weight Loss Vegan Drinks for Breakfast

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Calcium-Rich Chocolate Oats Smoothie For Weight Loss | No Sugar-No Milk-No Banana

Chocolate Oats Smoothie For Weight Loss

A healthy vegan recipe for breakfast is required to help in your weight loss diet.

  • It is easy to make

- It does not contain any added sugar ( in the form of banana or similar fruits).

- It is completely vegan ( no dairy milk either).

- It can make your stomach full for a long time.

- It is good for weight loss and weight management.

  • Add 3 tablespoons ( TBSP) of rolled oats into the bowl. Take some water to the bowl and let the oats be soaked for about 10 to 15 minutes.

[ Rolled oats consist of more fibers. Also, oats soaking helps to release phytic acid in it. Oats consist of phytates that prevent nutrient absorption so soaking or roasting is helpful.]

[ People suffering from bloating or indigestion by oats consumption need to soak them overnight or for 1to 2 hours.]

  • After soaking, put the oats on the strainer. You have to rinse these oats under running water.
  • Add these oats now into the blending jar.
  • Take 3 ripe Sapota ( Chikku). Slice each one of them in half then remove seeds from them. You have to scoop out the flesh from each Sapota with the spoon.

[Sapota( Chikku) is a good source of vitamin A, B, and C with anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in anti-oxidants. Fibers are in it helpful for digestion.]

  • Add one glass of homemade Sesame seeds milk in a blending jar.

[Sesame seeds milk is a good source of calcium with healthy fats. Instead of sesame milk, you can also opt for other plant-based milk such as coconut milk, cashew milk, almond milk, or peanut milk.]

*Note — The sesame seeds milk recipe is given below.

  • Add 1 tablespoon(TBSP) of flax seeds which are rich in omega-3 in the blending jar.

[No need to grind these flax seeds separately before adding them to the jar.]

  • Also, put 1 TBSP raw cacao powder in it. Cocoa powder can be used in place of raw cacao powder.

You can check -> Cacao & Cocoa — Differentiation

  • Add 1 soft Medjool date for sweetness. You can add more dates if need more sweetness.

[Medjool dates are soft if they are hard then get them soaked before using.]

  • Blend all these ingredients mixture evenly at high speed in the blending jar.

Your creamy thick chocolate smoothie is ready to consume. You can put this smoothie in the glass or mug.

Sesame Seeds Milk For Weight Loss|Dairy-Free Vegan Milk

Sesame Seeds Milk For Weight Loss

Dairy-free sesame seeds milk is plant-based milk and a good vegan option. This calcium-rich milk can be made quickly at home and it is a very good substitute for people suffering with,

  1. Thyroid issues
  2. Allergy to milk
  3. PCOS problem
  4. Intolerance to lactose

Also, sesame seeds

- are rich in calcium

- helps to balance hormones

- are good to include in your diet

So let’s see the recipe to make this sesame seeds milk.

Procedure :

  • You have to soak 1/4th cup ( about 35 grams) of sesame seeds in the bowl with water overnight.

[The sesame seeds should be at least soaked for 6 hours. Overnight soaking helps to release phytic acid content better in the seeds.

This phytic acid prevents nutrient absorption so it is preferable to soak sesame seeds to use it effectively.]

  • Now rinse these seeds and keep them on the strainer.
  • Add these sesame seeds to the blender jar.
  • Add one cup of water into the jar.
  • Add one Medjool date for sweetness.

[These dates are soft so they can be blended easily. You can soak them if they are not soft and they could be used.]

  • Add one small piece of Cinnamon.

[Cinnamon and dates together help to counter the subtle bitterness of sesame seeds. They also help to enhance the flavor of sesame seeds milk.]

[In place of whole Cinnamon, you can opt for Cinnamon powder, Cardamom powder, or Vanilla extract.]

[* Note: More details regarding Cinnamon can be read in my earlier article here — Cinnamon Tea Recipe ]

[ If you want to make tea or coffee from this sesame seeds milk then you can skip Cinnamon or Dates in the sesame seeds milk.]

  • Blend all of this mixture at high speed in the blending jar until everything is properly combined.
  • Pour the milk which is blended now through a strainer into the serving glass.

Your healthy plant-based dairy-free vegan sesame seeds milk is ready for consumption.

Vegan Weight Loss Oats Breakfast Smoothie | No Sugar-No Milk — No Banana

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